February 2022 Virtual Meeting

Speaker: David Goodlett, University of Victoria

Topic: Lipid A as a Therapeutic and Diagnostic

Date: Monday, February 21, 2022

Time: 6:45 Virtual Social, 7:15 pm Presentation

Location: See Zoom invite in email on February 10 and 17 (sign up)

Abstract: Lipid A is the membrane anchor for Gram-negative bacteria that holds the much larger lipopolysaccharide (LPS) molecule in place in the outer membrane. Importantly in mammals, Toll receptor 4 (TLR4) recognizes lipid A the result of which is activation of a cytokine cascade that can aid the host in clearing the infection or if unchecked lead to a deadly cytokine storm. There are a range of activities from agnostic to antagonistic that are directly related to structure (e.g. Li). To exploit this we are working to better define the lipid A structure activity relationship for use as a vaccine adjuvants and antisepsis therapeutics (e.g. Scott). We are also using lipid A and related Gram-positive molecules to identify bacteria direct from source in under an hour (Leung) and have recently developed an antibiotic susceptibility test that works in concert with microbial identification providing results a day faster than existing methods. At the ICCVS in Gdansk we are interested in investigating the classic use of bacterial extracts as an immunotherapy (i.e. Coley’s toxins late 1800s NYC) that have been recently revived (Kim). We are also working to define protein antigens that can be used as imaging agents, therapeutics and diagnostics in point of care devices (Freiberg). I’ll present the above topics from the perspective of how mass spectrometry is helping to solve these problems. I’ll also mention how we are working to get down to single cell analysis for proteomics and lipidomics (Weke). And I will provide some perspective on our capabilities at the Genome BC Proteomic Centre where we carry out fee-for-service experiments in metabolomics and proteomics.