Thank you to our Gold Level corporate sponsors for their generous support!

Contact Information

Gerstel, Inc. (www.gerstelus.com)
Contact Sydney A. Fisher at 410-303-4643 or safisher@gerstelus.com

Shimadzu (www.ssi.shimadzu.com)
Contact Brad Nolt at 240-755-9569 or mbnolt@Shimadzu.com

Zeteo Tech (https://www.zeteotech.com/)
Contact Tom McCreery at tom.mccreery@zeteotech.com


Thank you to our Silver Level corporate sponsors for their generous support!

Contact Information

Agilent (www.agilent.com)
Contact Karen Luo at 443-613-3398 or karen.luo@agilent.com

Bruker (www.bruker.com)
Contact Ryan Marsico at 570-589-5398 or Ryan.Marsico@bruker.com or Matt Albano at 301-473-3762 or Matthew.albano@bruker.com

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (isotope.com)
Contact Jenna Deitenhofer at 978-296-1970 or JDietenhofer@isotope.com

LECO (www.leco.com)
Contact Melissa Fulmer at 412-495-9584 or melissa_fulmer@leco.com

MassTech (www.apmaldi.com)
Contact Venkat Panchagnula at 202-428-5641 or vpanchagnula@apmaldi.com

MOBILion (https://mobilionsystems.com/)
Contact Chuck Cloyd at 856-285-6805 or chuck.cloyd@mobilionsystems.com

Peak Scientific (www.peakscientific.com)
Contact Kirk McKinney at 443-562-7085 or kirk@labassistllc.com

Restek (www.restek.com)
Contact Chris Kahler at 717-682-6123 or Chris.Kahler@restek.com

Seer (https://seer.bio/)
Contact Michelle Huang at mhuang@seer.bio

Sciex (www.sciex.com)
Contact Robert Clapper at 443-651-0321 or Robert.Clapper@Sciex.com.

Thermo Scientific (www.thermoscientific.com)
Contact Angelito Nepomuceno at 202-714-7289 or angelito.nepomuceno@thermofisher.com

Waters (www.waters.com)
Contact Dan Davis at 804-426-7410 or Dan_Davis@waters.com

YMC America (www.ymcamerica.com/)
Contact Art Kasson at 978-923-9303 or akasson@ymcpt.com




Corporate Members

For more information on corporate membership please contact Dr. Andy Qi at andy.yue.qi@gmail.com