October Meeting

Speaker: Bill McDonough, University of Maryland

Topic: I didn’t know you could do that

Date: Monday, October 16, 2023

Time: 6:15 pm Dinner, 7:15 pm Presentation

Location: Shimadzu Scientific Instrument, Inc. Training Center 7100 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 (Directions) This will be an in-person meeting.

Dinner: Please RSVP to Jonathan Ferguson (jonathan.ferguson33@gmail.com) by Friday, October 13 if you will be attending the dinner.

Abstract: When I started out in the mass spectrometry business, I didn’t have any background (undergraduate degree in anthropology). However, by the end of my PhD, I was pretty good at analyzing samples on a thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS). However, ignorance was an advantage, and nobody told me what I could and could not do. We bought bits and pieces, put them together, and we learned how to do things; we called our friends, and I asked lots of questions. The best two things that happened (1) we had good friends, and (2) we got a lot of money to start out with. We were not entirely stupid, but we were naïve. That helps a lot. Tonight, I’ll talk about a 30 year journey of fun LA-ICPMS accomplishments by our team that covers nuclear forensic, cutting-edge geochemistry, whodunit poisoning stories, pollution in the region, and getting ready for working on the Moon.
Our WBMSDG board has decided to include two lightning talks before the main talk starting on our October event. Each lightning talk lasts 7 minutes with no more than 5 slides, and 5 minutes for Q&A for both talks. The desired speakers are early-career researchers/scientists in mass spec-related areas. They can be junior scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate or undergraduate students.

Please submit abstracts to co-chairs to apply for the lightning talks, and our board members will review the abstracts on a rolling basis.

Structure the abstract (maximum 300 words) with the following headings:
Title (maximum 20 words)
Authors and affiliations (Including senior authors/PIs)