Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Available Positions

New York University School of Medicine: proteomics scientists

FDA CFSAN: Postdoctoral Fellow (College Park)

Florida State University: Postdoctoral Researcher

FDA: Postdoctoral Fellow (College Park)


New York University School of Medicine: proteomics scientists

Posted: September 25, 2018
Location: New York City, NY

The Proteomics Laboratory at NYU Langone Health is looking for highly motivated and creative full-time staff members. The laboratory is focusing on mass spectrometric analysis of proteins in a variety of biological and clinical contexts. The lab is located in the Alexandria Center for Life Science, directly adjacent to the NYU Langone Health campus and is equipped with state of the art mass spectrometers (Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Q Exactive, Q Exactive HF-X, Elite with ETD, and Lumos with ETD).

The Proteomics Laboratory works in a project-oriented manner with scientist at NYU as well as other academic institutions. This allows team members to engage in collaborative interactions with other scientists and tackle a broad range of research areas. We are looking for a scientist with hands-on experience with LC-MS/MS for protein analysis who is excited to gain additional experience in a thriving high-impact scientific environment.

Job Responsibilities:
Maintaining and operating Orbitrap mass spectrometers
Maintaining and operating nanoflow HPLCs
Generating, analyzing and interpreting data
Reporting results to the director, investigators and writing manuscripts for peer reviewed journals
Consult investigators on experimental design and sample preparation strategies
Developing new technologies
Implementing new technologies

Minimum qualifications:
Ph.D. or equivalent previous laboratory experience in mass spectrometry for the analysis of protein and peptides
Strong written and verbal communication skills

Job Type:
Full-time position
Monday through Friday
40 hours a week

Interested candidates please send your CV and references to:
NYU School of Medicine is one of the nation’s top-ranked medical schools. For 175 years, NYU School of Medicine has trained thousands of physicians and scientists who have helped to shape the course of medical history and enrich the lives of countless people. An integral part of NYU Langone Health, the School of Medicine at its core is committed to improving the human condition through medical education, scientific research, and direct patient care. NYU School of Medicine is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of recruiting and employment. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender dysphoria, national origin, age, religion, disability, military and veteran status, marital or parental status, citizenship status, genetic information or any other factor which cannot lawfully be used as a basis for an employment decision.

FDA: Postdoctoral Fellow

Posted: August 23, 2018
Location: College Park, MD

The Division of Analytical Chemistry, Office of Regulatory Science of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) seeks a postdoctoral fellow to participate in our food safety/food defense research program. The primary research goals are the development and validation of analytical methods using mass spectrometric techniques for the analysis of foods, food additives and dietary supplements for potential contaminants and adulterants. The postdoctoral fellow will contribute to research projects that are components of agency‐wide, on‐going food safety and food defense programs, which support important FDA policy and regulatory decisions.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry, or a related field, be proficient in analytical method development, and have experience with gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometric techniques. Experience with olfactory and flavor chemistry is desirable.

U.S. citizenship, permanent resident status or a valid J1 Visa is required (F1 with OPT is acceptable until a J1 is obtained). Please email your CV to: Dr. Susan Genualdi, US FDA/Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, College Park, MD 20740.

Florida State University: Postdoctoral Researcher

Posted: April 6, 2018
Location: Tallahassee, FL

Biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry
“Top-Down” Proteomics
NSF High Field FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry User Facility
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The NSF High Field FT-ICR MS User Facility at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has a postdoctoral position ($50K/yr) available beginning Spring, 2018. The position is fully funded for a period of 24 months. We seek highly motivated applicants to work with permanent staff to develop and implement improvements in sample preparation and/or data analysis practices for top-down proteomics. Job responsibilities include support of a 2 year NHMFL-NRTDP collaboration to develop novel proteoform mass measurement algorithms that takes full advantage of the ultrahigh mass
resolving power and mass accuracy of a 21 tesla FT-ICR mass spectrometer, and implement a proteoform quantitation strategy for application to user samples. Our facility has partnered with the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics (NRTDP), an NIH P41 resource (Neil Kelleher, P.I.) based at Northwestern University, to
develop and optimize workflows for high-throughput discovery top-down proteomics by LC-MS/MS on the 21 T FT-ICR platform. We envision close engagement with the NRTDP. The successful candidate will travel to Northwestern University as needed to receive training and collaborate with NRTDP staff in sample preparation methods and/or data analysis strategies. We seek a candidate with experience in development of new software and/or advanced sample
preparation methods for quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in chemistry or a closely related field (biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, etc.) and an established publication record. Experience with FT-ICR MS and chromatography is desirable, but not required. Send an official graduate transcript, CV including publications, description of prior research/experience, and three letters of recommendation to:

Dr. Lissa Anderson
Director, Biological Applications
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Program
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Florida State University
1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32310

FDA: Postdoctoral Fellow

Posted: April 4, 2018
Location: College Park, MD

The Office of Regulatory Science (ORS) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is seeking an outstanding analytical or bioanalytical chemist with mass spectrometry expertise to participate in our food safety/food defense research program. An opening for a postdoctoral fellowship is available in the Bioanalytical Methods Branch. The position will involve the development and validation of methods for the quantification of pesticides and veterinary drug residues in food using mass spectrometry (MS)‐based techniques (i.e. LCMS and/or GCMS). A Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry or related fields, with a strong background and interest in MS instrumental analysis, is required. Candidates should be experienced with the latest liquid chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques and application of those techniques to trace quantitative analysis. Training or experience in analytical method
development for complex matrices such as food, cosmetics, dietary supplements or environmental analysis is also highly desirable. Interested candidates should submit a curriculum vitae, a list of references and a cover letter that includes a short statement of experience and research interests via email to:

Christine Parker, Chief, Bioanalytical Methods Branch (
Please use “PostDoc 2018” in the subject line.