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Contact Information

Advion (
Contact Daniel Eikel at 607-882-9903 or and David Skiados at

Agilent (
Contact Julie Wight at 302-636-3919 or

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. (
Contact Jamie Visser at 205-663-2494 or

Bruker (
Contact John W. Pratt at 302-545-5116 or

Cambridge Isotopes Laboratories (
Contact Dan Dennehy at 1-800-ISOTOPE or

GenTech Scientific (
Contact Amanda Trinkle at 585-492-1068 or

Gerstel (
Contact W. Bradley Barrett at 410-303- 4643 or

Contact Glen Gregory at 978-818-9767 or

Contact James Carlson at 984-227-4346 or

Martek Isotopes (
Contact Christopher Davies at 410-419-8359 or

MassTech (
Contact Vladimir Doroshenko at 443-539-1711 or

Peak Scientific (
Contact Matthew Matis at 267-315-5353 or

Phenomenex (
Contact Zerene Manaloto at 732-725- 8464 or

Sciex (
Contact George Manning at 703-595-5726 or or David Colquhoun at 443-201-6166 or

Shimadzu (
Contact Robert Clapper at 410-910-0667 or or Jeremy Post at 410-910-0677 or

Thermo Scientific – Mass Spectrometry products (
Angelito Nepomuceno at 202-714-7289 or or Benjamin Orsburn at 317-370-4689 or

Thermo Fisher Scientific­ – Dionex products (
Contact Osama El-Badry at 301-830-2239 or

Waters (
Contact: Fred Glisson at 804-564-1283 or



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For more information on corporate membership please contact Dr. Katherine Fiedler at