2009 Young Investigator Travel Award Recipients

The Washington-Baltimore MSDG is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Young Investigator Travel Awards.  4 recipients were judged to be deserving of an award.

Joshua Wilhide, University of Maryland- Baltimore County (Advisor:  Prof. Dan Fabris):  Investigating higher-order structure of nucleic acids by IRMPD in FTICR mass spectrometry.  Award: $600

Omoruyi Osula, Johns Hopkins University (Advisor:  Prof. Bob Cotter):  Analytical Methods for Improving Identification of SUMO-Modified Peptides.  Award: $300

Katherine Stamper, Johns Hopkins University (Advisor:  Prof. Bob Cotter):  Combining ChIP Antibodies and Mass Spectrometry to  Study Post-Translational Modifications on Histones.  Award: $200.

Colin Wynne, University of Maryland (Advisor: Catherine Fenselau):  High confidence identification of bioagent biomarkers using top-down analyses on an Orbitrap.  Award: $100.